1/60 (sovereignsect) wrote,

in eight hours i move
four hours away from my current home which is
four hours away from my old apartment which was
eight hours away from my current home.

in eight hours, i start a new fight with life.

ps hey.
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can i come?
hey, we shuld do dangerous meet-ups. i know nobody. :( :(

i live right downtown youuuu knoww!
as i said, brrraapp

gimme a buzzz sometime soontime.
i am seriously always in yr hood. haha.

Well, I currently do not have a phone as Virgin Mobile is digustingly hard to work with, but i'm sure we'll see eachother soon! Like, I don't work at all this week (re: I do not have a job yet, haha) but if you wanted to do something and make internet plans (maybe walk around-photo shoots kinda days before summer leaves) but hey, you know where I am FACEBOOKED always kinda. But hey, okay.